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Wali Nikah Menurut Pendapat Empat Madzhab

Jurnal   Pascasarjana Iain Lhokseumawe Wali Nikah Menurut Pendapat Empat Madzhab Abstract:   Marriage is sunnatullah for all living things in this world. Marriage is carried out by humans Status   of   Waliin   Marria   Study perspective Malikiyah,Syâfi’îyah,   Hanafîyah,   and Hanabilah   the   Practices   in   Indonesia. The existence ofIslam is to bring virtuous value and one of which is marriege. Marriege is virtuous value with emergency characteristic that is to preserve honor and descendantand the one who can protect them is the wali. Ulamas have different opinion on this wali issue. Not only the opinions that are diverse but also the practises in various Muslim countries, including Indonesia. Both Ulamas share the same opinion on a wali must be an adult and mentally conscious Muslim.The diffference is Syâfi’îyah ulama persist that a wali must be male and objective while hanafiyah ulama allows a fâsiq and women to be a wali.         Keywords: Mar